1 year 10 months ago

Last Tuesday, we were pleased to attend and participate in the final conference of Migrempower in Rome.

Along two years, Migrempower project has developed an itinerary and great ammount of resources for migrants and refugees' empowerment and integration. 

This project has been lidered by Red2Red consultores (Spain) with the contribution and active participation of Cooperativa Sociale San Saturnino (Italy), CARDET (Cyprus), Wisamar (Germany), AMSED (France), Sudwind (Austria), Nuovi Labori (Italy) and Acción Contra el Hambre (Spain).

All partners took part of the final conference, that counted also with the participation of the famous cartoonist Mauro Biani and the experience of Gustamundo fostering the employment of migrants and refugees in a vulnerable situation.

This event was a great opportunity to share the results of the project and how can they be used and implemented by other organizations working with migrants a refugees.

It was a chance for reflecting on the global issue of migration and how it should also be adressed globaly, by different actors and by innovative perspectives that help us ensure their empowerment and integration.