Join the Horizon Europe Virtual Summit 2021

2 months 4 days ago

ONLINE EVENT: 31 May-4 June 2021

Following the big success of the 1st Horizon 2020 virtual summit (with more than 2500 participants and 30+ experts training attendees), an even greater one is being organized for 2021, with an even better programme specifically for HORIZON Europe that promises to offer exactly that, ie. a transformation based on the experiences from the top experts in the area.

This event is unique not only from its structure and access point of view but also from its content.

It is the first ever event on Horizon Europe that is so specific covering in detail all the diverse and sometimes complex components of Horizon Europe.

Even better, it can be accessed also virtually from your remote location and it offers comprehensive training and clarifications on the full HORIZON Europe grant application development cycle delivered directly from the champions and the most successful key actors in HORIZON Europe at a european and global level.

Top experts in HORIZON Europe present and answer questions in a period of 5 days on how you can succeed in this programme by digging into the details of critical and uncleared Horizon Europe issues  in ERC grants, MSCA, FET,  RIA &IA, CSA, Missions, Synergies, EIC Accelerator, Pathfinder, Dissemination and Exploitation, Ethics and gender issues, IP, as well as in tools and platforms to advance the development of a successful proposal in HORIZON Europe.


In case, you are busy to attend at the scheduled times and you wish to have life-time access to all sessions as well as great other bonuses, please purchase the VIP Pass at a special discount