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1 month 3 weeks ago

Future-proof your Career aims to design, develop and implement a Future of Work Framework, focused on the identification -through a guidance process- of transversal skills which can be used to future-proof the careers of disadvantaged job seekers and enable sustainable future employment.

This forward thinking career guidance framework will provide a way of working for guidance practitioners which facilitates quality future focused career plans for job seekers already marginalised in the labour market, so as to ensure their inclusion in a technological and digitalised world of work. It will support marginalised job seekers to understand and gain awareness of key competencies which are essential employability competences for a future labour market.

These key competences underpin the ability to adapt and change to the demands of technologicaly in the workplace, and are important in up-skilling in initial and continuous vocational, educational and training.

They have just released their second newsletter with their developments so far and the planned next steps.

Check it out in the attached document and visit their website for additional information