11 VET trainers receive training on Virtual & Augmented Reality to improve the employability of 120 students

1 year 11 months ago

he European Project led by Action Against Hunger, along with the European entities European Association for Vocational and Social Education in Germany, Kuressaare Regional Training Centre in Estonia, the Lithuanian National Association of Distance Education and the Spanish partner Fundación Realidad Virtual, have developed a training for VET trainers at International Lab in Madrid.
During five days 11 trainers from Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and Spain acquired the basic practical and theoretical knowledge in Virtual and Augmented Realy so that they can deliver this knowledge to their students and improve their employability.

All of them worked together on a training journey which incorporates technical competencies in Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as transversal competencies such as creativity, communication, self-confidence and team work, to explore new application areas of technology in education.

From January 2019, this integrated itinerary of VR technical competencies and Employment transversal competencies will be piloted and adapted to VET centers of the partner entities improving 120 students employability.